I really didn’t talk to much about Amarillo. The weather was crazy. First we had hot  and very windy weather. Then even more wind and then a cold front. There was ice on the windows in the morning. We were only there for a couple days and under the circumstances didn’t do much. We did go to the Amarillo Botanical center, I just wanted to see something blooming. It is not a big center but I did get to take some photos of flowers particularly in their tropical greenhouse. It is along the river so we also took a short walk along the river. Lots of folks were out enjoying the unusually hot day (this was before things changed). 

The other site we took in was the historic Route 66 area. We didn’t want to eat out but there were several places that looked interesting and smelled great. Several seemed to be big biker bars. John had fun checking out all the Harleys. This also is an area of lots of antique stores. I had fun browsing but I think my antiquing days are over.
This place on Route 66 smelled wonderful!

We stayed at the Oasis resort just west of town. We were very satisfied with this stop. Friend Loralie recommended it and I would recommend it too. The best part is if you sign up for there rewards card, for which there is no charge, you get 20% off and  pay for 2 nights stay 3. That made it $48 for 3 nights. That is a pretty good deal. They also have a little grill at the office. We ordered pizza the first night and it was actually pretty good. We would stay here again if we were in the area.
We left and headed to Fort Supply OK for about a week. I’ll catch you upon that soon.

Happy Trails...........


  1. Hey..
    Glad you liked the Oasis Park! Sounds like a pretty good deal 3 for $48!
    Too bad the weather wasn't great. Did you see the up ended Cadillacs just down the road?
    Lone Pine is beautiful, but the weather here hasn't been too great either. Snow on the picnic tables this morning!

  2. Love the nature pictures. I am also looking forward to seeing things bloom again. We head to Amarillo tomorrow, but plan on staying only one night unless the wind gets really bad again. This wind is crazy!


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