Happy Easter Everyone!

Hope today has been a good one for everyone. We had a great time Saturday night celebrating John's birthday (it is really on Monday). We invited family and friends over for brats on the grill. It was great to see my brother Larry and my nephew Jordan and his wife Rachel. Jordan and Rachel are expecting their first child (a boy) in September. My friend Brenda (actually my sister-in law's sister -in-law) and husband Rick stopped by. Brenda is the one I came back early to work for.  Best friend Trudy and her family (Mike, Eric and Matthew) were also there. Lastly but by no means least my boys, Gabe and Mitch! 

We have had a little time with Gabe since we returned but this was our first visit Mitch. It is so good to see him. He only has a month until he is done with school in Decorah. We are headed up there early May so we can be there for graduation. He looks good but a little exhausted. He has another phone interview for a job this week too. Finishing college and finding a job is a stressful thing. Even 35 years later I remember that. We keep telling to remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Went to lunch with the boys today too. We have been so busy this week I think we both are exhausted. We took naps this afternoon and are hoping for a quieter week. These old retired folks just aren't use to such a busy schedule! :) I was so busy last night I didn't get the camera out so no photos today. 

Happy Trails.....................


  1. I keep wondering if, after hitting the road, at a leisurely pace...if times like these DO exhaust you! Now I know!

  2. Happy Easter. Trying to keep up with family is exhausting. Most of them are so much younger and they just don't get it. Glad you got your naps. Those are really important.

  3. It is amazing how our lifes have slowed down! And now when there is a reason to speed them up, it's exhausting!!!
    Have a good time with your boys and family.


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