What will we leave behind?

The Petroglyph National Monument is not very far from where we were so Thursday we headed there to hike and checkout the petroglyphs. We have been to several locations with petroglyphs and they are always fascinating. This park has several areas with many petroglyphs and the hikes are relatively easy. Also we have a National Parks Pass and we are looking for things to do that have little or no cost. Just paid taxes, so need to refresh the coffers.
There is some debate about what the petroglyphs mean: were they art work, communication, religious? John’s theory is that the petroglyphs were drawn by ancient teenagers engaging in a form of graffiti. He based this on the fact that several of the men and animals drawn had a penis, sometimes a very large penis and as we know teenage boys love to draw a penis (or breasts) on just about anything, giggling all the while. If you are the parent of boys you should know this. In middle school I found Gabe and his buddies while frosting Christmas cookies putting boobs on the angels. They thought it was pretty funny. Now I know that this is not the current theory but who knows.
It did make me think about what will people thousands of years from now find from us that they will wonder about? Will it be CDs, DVDs, our cell phones?? I’m sure they will be as curious about us as we are about the people who drew the petroglyphs. What do you think will survive us? 
Tomorrow we take off towards Amarillo, Texas for a few days. Our journey back to Iowa continues.
Happy Trails.................


  1. I.M. a thinkin' that if'n they find this here blog post of yers, thay is gonna be thinkin' folks from this time period had the same fixtureation on body parts that them folks that writ on the rocks did.

  2. Kevin has the same belief as John. His thoughts on this are slighly different though, as he thinks that it was the youth as well because they drew stick people and animals. He figures an adult would draw better than that. I think our legacy may be our garbage, all those plastic Coke and Pepsi bottles!

    Glad you had a fun day, the park looks like a great one to explore.

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. That is too funny. As a mother of two boys, I totally understand. I was pondering the same question about what will people find a thousand years from now. Wal-Mart :)
    That monument is on our list of things to see while in Albuquerque with our annual pass. We will also stop in Amarillo on the way home. I want to see Cadillac Ranch. We're a week behind you guys.

  4. Haha, oh yeah..having two boys, I know about the fixation! I hope that the tide is turning and this generation knows about how damaging the stuff in the landfill is. I hate working for a bottled water company, I get all kinds of grief for the bottles :)

  5. We thought the Petroglyph park was pretty cool. Did you get on up to the Valley of Fire? It was an amazing contrast to the rest of the area.
    We really enjoyed Amarillo and found plenty to do there for over a week. Hope you have time to enjoy it too.
    travel safely

  6. I think this will be known as the "Plastic Age". It has been less than 100 years since we have started using the stuff, and it will be around for a loooong time. Hopefully, we will soon stop our love affair with plastics and use more alternatives.


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