Water heater update

Yesterday the dealer we were working with told us the part would be in by noon today so we stayed the night in Wichita and took our time getting up this morning. We even worked out and took showers in the campground showers (which were quite nice). Joh called at noon, no it hadn't arrived and usually they don't get their delivery until about 2, that's interesting, not what we were told yesterday. Waited until just before 2 and drove to the dealer. Part still hadn't arrived so we waited, and waited and waited. At 3:30 I told John I wasn't waiting any longer and we would just get it fixed back in Iowa, we can shower at the campgrounds until then. When we went to tell them we were leaving he said they had already gotten their Fed Ex earlier and everything else was there except this part but he was going to call Fed Ex and see if they just forgot a package. You think he could have done that a lot earlier, like as soon as he realized it wasn't with the other parts so now it is almost 4 and we have already spent an extra night in Wichita for nothing. I was not a happy camper. 

We took off and decided to take the highway instead of the turnpike to Kansas City. The park we are headed to has a gate house and I wasn't sure if they would have someone there if we showed up late so decided to find somewhere on the way to stay tonight. So here we are in Iola, Kansas in a little park off the highway. It is a beautiful evening and we walked downtown ( about 6 blocks) to a little Mexican restaurant and had a nice dinner. The wind has calmed and it was a beautiful walk and the food was surprisingly good. My only disappointment was they didn't serve margaritas(I could really use a margarita). Not sure what that is all about, I've never been to a Mexican restaurant that didn't have margaritas. We drank some Corona instead - oh the sacrifices we make.

Tomorrow it is on to Lee's Summit and the Blue Springs campground. We stopped there on way south and enjoyed it. We will have a couple nights with family before we make the last sprint to Cedar Rapids.  The weather will decide if we do it in one shot or make a stop in between. We really hate to travel more that 4 hours at a time, man are we getting spoiled.

Happy Trails.......................


  1. They shoulda given you a Corona on the house for all that! No Margarita! Hmmmph!

  2. For health reasons I can't drink anymore. I sure could go for a Margarita about now!

  3. Sorry to hear the repairs didn't work out. Some people don't seem to know the meaning of customer service!

    Enjoy your family time.

  4. Sorry to hear about the water heater. If I was there I'd help you out......like let you use our shower!!! Lived in KC for 23 years.....I know exactly were Iola is.......that's where the chicken mess with the owls!!! We are there in spirit! Safe journies. rockin'

  5. What a frustrating experience with your water heater, but it sounds like you're handling it well. I hope you are able to get it fixed soon. Enjoy the rest of your travels and stay safe!

  6. Downside of repairs on the road--timing. Hope you made it home safe and are enjoying your own shower again! LOL


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