Out of touch

Well, we are still around but haven't had internet for a few days. We hit our 5G limit early, thanks to an update from Apple that took about 1G. It reset today so we are back on but in a park where our reception is really slow. I'll probably wait until we have better reception to publish anything significant, with photos etc. We are at Fort Supply COE park for now. The government shutdown is affecting National Parks so we wonder if it it will shut down the COE parks too. We haven't had any knocks on the door asking us to leave yet so time will tell. We plan on leaving Monday, our hot water heater isn't working so Atwood is sending us to a dealer in Wichita to have it fixed. We are headed home a little faster than planned. A very good friend (kind-of-family) needs a sub in the dental hygiene clinic so she can get to a job interview. They are moving to near Ames and she has an interview for a full time teaching position at another dental hygiene program close to there. It only puts us back a week early but I really wanted to help her out. Our county parks opened this weekend so we know there is somewhere to stay. I have a lot of work to do to get ready to teach my class this summer so this will help me get going on that. Our son graduates May 21st and this will get me done in time to head up to a park there in time to get a spot at the local park. So until I get a faster connection.............Happy Trails!


  1. We'll be heading into Death Valley so I won't have any internet for over a week. That's why I love live writer - I can at least get my blog posts ready and as soon as we return to the land of the living I can just post them.

    I know I'm way behind on your blog so I'll just ask questions - What class do you teach in the summer? Is your son graduating from high school or college?

    Good luck with the hot water heater.

  2. My guess is that the COE parks will close if the shutdown happens. Good luck! :)


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