Playoff Hockey

A happy goalie at the end of a great win. Go Brady!
Do blondes really have more fun?

Wednesday night we got to see our first Roughrider Hockey game of the season and its playoff time. This team has already won the regular season title and are favored in the tournament. However, it is difficult to win both the season and the tournament so it won’t be an easy task. They had a bye first round and 11 days off, sometimes that is good and sometimes it hurts. The first period it didn’t look good but by second period they had their game legs and things turned around. They won 4-1. Brady was great in goal all game and kept them in it first period until the team got on track offensively. It was a joy to get to see him play, he is an amazing goalie. The team all dyed their hair blonde for playoffs (a crazy tradition for playoffs) so our favorite redhead now sports a blonde ‘doo.

We also connected with many friends from our hockey parent days, it was great. Afterwards we took Brady out for dinner and got to catch up on everything. He is a great kid and has matured so much in the last two years. He will be headed to Ohio State next year and I am sure they are excited to have him.

This week has been crazy, we are not use to having so many things to do or people to see. We have been out to lunch, out for coffee and invited to see friends for dinner. Tomorrow I am having several people over for another cookout for John’s birthday. The weather has been awful but it is suppose to be dry the next two days after today’s rain gets out of here.

Tonight it is game 2 for the playoffs so we head back to the rink. I took the camera Wednesday night. I forgot how much I enjoy taking photos at the games but tonight I am leaving it at home and will just watch. Brady’s parents and grandparents are going to be in town for the game so there are more people to visit with. We haven’t seen them in quite some time even though we keep up through email. Hope you enjoy the photos of my favorite goalie!

Happy Trails.....................


  1. I don't know much about hockey but since they won Brady must have done a great job. The blonde hair - how funny.

  2. Cold and rainy... and John's birthday. Brings back a bad memory of a golf day with John, Robson, and me at St. Andrews where we had to keep him occupied while you prepped at the Collins Plaza. I think I just thawed out last week.

  3. Looks like fun!
    Birthdays with family and friends are the best...have a great one John!


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