It's Vegas baby!

It is Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. Crazy huh? We think it is a little nutty but it is on the way to our destination for December: Zion River Resort. The other plus it has is my former college roommate Nancy. I don’t want to say old roommate because that would make me old too and as we all know I am certainly not old.  We are planted at Sam’s Town Casino and RV park. The drive in was easy and the park is not too bad. Parking is pretty close together but it is clean and the roads are wide.
MGM Grand
Sam’s Town has a shuttle service to the Strip and that was great because we had plans to meet fellow bloggers Evelyn and Kevin at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville and it was nice not to have to drive. We had never met these two face to face so I was hoping we would recognize each other. Luckily I have an ace in the hole; I have John. One thing I have learned is that he is very recognizable with his white hair and beard. Yep, that is what Evelyn recognized. :) We had a great visit and enjoyed our lunch. It is so fun getting to know our cyber-friends. The food at Maragitaville is good too and if you like margaritas get the Perfect Margarita. It may cost $10 but you only need one. It is the best one I have had since back in Cedar Rapids at Hacienda Las Glorias. They are very similar but this one may have even been stronger. Mm-mm good.
Since we were already there we spent the rest of the day just walking through all the casinos. I haven’t been here for probably 20 years, what a change. John was here in August for a business meeting so he was more familiar with where things were. So many new casinos since my last trip and the prices are astronomical. As John says it takes the fun out of a cold beer when you pay $7 for one. The shows are so expensive too. I just cannot see paying over $100 for a ticket to anything.  We are searching for what we want to take the boys to at Christmas and we think the Improv is the winner. You can get tickets for less at some outlets on the strip the day of the show, and that may be a possibility too. We’ll see. We definitely decided 2 days in Vegas with the boys will be plenty.
The weather has taken a turn. Very windy and cool yesterday. Had to unhook the water connection because there is a chance that it will dip below freezing in the next couple days. I would complain but I think 32 was the high back home. By the time we head to Utah it is suppose to be getting warner again (50-60’s). When the sun is shinning I think that is just about perfect. Lots of people think we are crazy heading there for December but I am looking forward to it. Even a little snow would be ok. It is the Christmas season after all. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Flowers in Bellagio Conservatory
Happy trails..........


  1. It was great meeting you guys. We agree that Vegas has gotten more and more expensive. We noticed a change just in the last 5 years since were there last. We're not sure we'll ever go back.

    We did enjoy Terry Fator very much. He's incredibly talented. Wednesday was much less windy so we got to see the fountains at the Bellagio and the volcano at the Mirage. We're back home tonight and pretty tired.

    Happy Thanksgiving to the both of you!


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