Nancy and Dan
I think what I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving was this opportunity to travel and see so many family and friends that we have not had a chance to visit in way too many years. We spent the day with my roommate from senior year of college. It had been around 15 years since we had seen each other. They are here in Henderson and really are the reason we are in Vegas. We had a wonderful meal and did lots of catching up. Of course we ate too much and by the time we left we felt like we were waddling out to the car.
Nancy and Janie

Yesterday we just spent time around the rig and at the casino a little. They have a great Mexican restaurant and tonight it was free. Free??? Yep, I am up $80 on the slots! Yea for me. I look at gambling as entertainment so I give myself a certain amount to spend. If it all disappears no biggie, but if I double my money (or more) I cash out. Between penny and quarter slots I am ahead so I bought my sweet husband dinner. That's right penny and quarter slots --I am truly a big spender(lol).

Today Nancy and Dan came to our house so we could show them how we live. Dan has been researching 5th wheels for several years so he has lots of questions and was really quizzing John on our rig and how we made our decision. Dan would love to full time but Nancy isn't so sure yet. Time will tell but John liked having a captive audience. It is also nice to have someone here who is truly excited about how we live not just curious and puzzled by the whole thing. We haven't done much of the tourist thing in the area yet but maybe Monday or Tuesday, we are staying until Wednesday morning as we aren't due at Zion River Resort until December 1st. Once again I think we will find too many things to do and too little time to do it; we may just have to come back again.


  1. Well Nancy and Don got a good chance to see how you live and get some questions answered. I think it just takes time to digest the thought of living full time in an rv. I remember when Al first mentioned selling the house..I was not receptive at first, but I came around :)

    Congrats on the good luck with the slots!

  2. It's nice to touch base with old friends, especially when they 'get' what you're doing. :)

  3. When Kevin first brought up fulltime RVing, I wasn't too sure about it either. Some very negative work experiences caused me to reevaluate my thinking. I'm so glad I did :)

    Glad you were able to spend time with our friends and won some casino money. We didn't have any luck this time in Vegas. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. As you said, we considered it entertainment dollars.

    Have a safe trip to Zion!

  4. Vegas and the of my favorite places and favorite things to do! congtratulations on your good luck!


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