The land of RVs

RV Park across from us on California side

Monday when we drove into Buckskin Mountain, which is north of Parker AZ, we had a new experience. Once you turn onto Highway 95 from I10 suddenly about every other vehicle you meet is some type of RV. This turn off is at Quartzsite which many people would call the epicenter of RVing. As we drove north toward Parker and the Parker Strip in the direction of Lake Havasu there actually are more RV parks than sticks and bricks housing. This all follows the Colorado River and across the river is California which also is one RV park after another. It is amazing. There are a couple big parks right across the river from us in California that look nice and have quite a few park models (mobile homes) but also lots of RVs and some of the RV parking is right on the beach. I’m not sure I’d pick this area to stay in but it does have some appeal.

Buckskin Mountain Park, our RV on bottom left
The thing that would keep me from staying here is the noise. They have a lot of jet skis that are incredibly noisy during part of the day and I can’t imagine what that will be like on the weekend. We also have see a lot of RVs with boats coming into this park so you know the river gets heavy recreational use. This park also just seems to be noisier than the last few we have been to. Tuesday morning I think half the park chose to leave around 7-8 am. That will wake you up; lots of diesel engines around here. It’s just too early for us retired folks. We are lucky if we get around and leave on travel day before 10 am. That’s enough complaining. If that is our worst problem, I think we can deal.
Buckskin Mountain Trail
Today we went out for a hike. There are some beautiful trails here with wonderful views. One trail takes you up by some old mine shafts (copper was mined here for awhile, though they must not have been very productive mines since the largest shaft was only 28 ft deep). The hikes are moderate climbs, definitely makes you work but nothing too difficult. There were a few drop offs that made me a little nervous, as I am mildly afraid of heights, but I decided I needed to get over it or I would miss a lot of great things. When I get a little anxious I just choose carefully where I am looking and that seems to work for me. The views here are beautiful - it is a gorgeous country we live in.
View from the trail
Happy trails............


  1. Nice post. So glad you enjoyed our biker rally photos. Thank you Janie (and John)!
    - Mary Ann

  2. Guess a lot of people like this area!!!

    Travel Safe

  3. This is a beautiful country. We are on our way to Big Bend...can't wait to see the mountains!


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