John's thoughts on New Mexico

Good thing we don't have a boat??

Leaving New Mexico
Before we left New Mexico, we decided to visit a few wineries. The first one was in Roswell, where we met Dale the wine guy/bartender. He was skeptical about the aliens landing in Roswell, despite the preponderance of evidence in the Roswell alien museum. He also explained that New Mexico had 44 wineries. To help us keep track, the wineries were handing out stamps that we could paste in our winery passport. If we visited all of them, the state of New Mexico would send both of us on a wine cruise. Roswell’s had an alien face on it. Cool. Only 43 more to go.

The next one was in Carlsbad, where we found a good Shiraz and where to get the best Chile Verde. Too bad we didn’t have time for the Chile Verde. If you want to find the best restaurants in town, don’t bother with the chamber of commerce’s web site (the first two restaurants we tried from the Carlsbad web site weren’t even open). Just go to a local winery, sample some wines and by the time you leave, you’ll know everything the locals know. However, the locals didn’t know anything about any stamps or winery passports.

Guadalupe  mountains as we leave New Mexico
So we left Carlsbad for Demming. Demming had two wineries. In the first, we found out that the wine stamp promotion didn’t start until November 15th. Still, the wine was worth it even without the cruise, and we really didn’t have time to visit all of the wineries anyway. This time we also bought some of the “mild” salsa they were serving with the wine samples. I didn’t ask if they had a hot one.

So we were leaving New Mexico with some New Mexican wine and some very hot mild salsa.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time and some good wine.

    Travel Safe


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