John's New Hat

On the road from Prescott AZ

Yesterday we took a little road trip up to Prescott. We thought about going all the way to Sedona but decided on Prescott instead. There is a microbrewery there that gets good reviews so decided to check it out. The drive there is beautiful, it is up in the mountains at about 5,000+ feet. Enough of a grade up that John got to try out his new exhaust break on the way back.
The Gazebo in the town square
The Prescott area seems big and sprawling enough but downtown Prescott has a very small town feel. The Prescott Brewery is right downtown by the Whiskey Row which is kind of their historic and touristy area. Right in the middle of it is the town square with the court house, gazebo and several statues.  The middle school was not far away and as middle school students do they were hanging out on the town square and being pretty goofy. Boy do I remember those days with my boys, in CR they hung out at the local mall. The brewery was a nice brew pub and we tried their chili which I must say had a nice bite to it. The beer was pretty good to. John had the Porter, I tried the Amber and then we split a Walnut Brown beer. 

After lunch we had to go check out all the shops and wear off the beer before driving back. The shops are a mix of art, jewelry, and clothes with a few funky gift shops in the mix. But what we did find was a real prize--a new hat for John.
I wanted to find something with a wider brim than his usual ball cap. John’s family has a serious skin cancer history and I am pretty protective of his skin - I’d like to keep him around awhile longer. He lost both his mother and youngest brother to melanoma and his dad had both basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas removed from his face. So you can understand my concern. Now that we are where the sun shines most of the time and we are out in it daily, more coverage is in order.
Finding a hat shouldn’t be too difficult ,right?  Well for John it is. You see he has the Dean head which is an oversized noggin - hat size 7 3/4 to 8. Not very many places carry hats this big. Ahh but I found a hat shop with a fella that new his hats and had just what we were looking for. We found the perfect hat! Now I think I found a hat that makes him look even sexier than usual. Oops sorry, my kids hate it when I say things like that (lol).
John's new hat.
Don’t know what is up next, no plans until Monday when we will move again but I am sure we can find a few adventures.
Happy Trails..............................


  1. Well, that's a mighty fine hat! Looks good, John.

  2. Love the hat, very distinguished looking!

  3. What a great "real person" review of Prescott, Janie and John. As one of the people behind and, I love both places, but I admit to having a soft spot in my heart for Prescott's charming downtown and friendly people. Your post and photography capture it well. And I love John's hat. Good stuff. Come see me at our Arizona Travel blog sometime, Janie. Would love your comments, too.

  4. LOVE the new hat...really looks good on John!


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