London Bridge (John)

I’ve seen sunny days that thought would never end. James Taylor probably wasn’t inspired by Iowa’s weather to write those lyrics, but I was reminded of them as we drove through the South West. It rained tonight, briefly, for the first time in over a month. It’s been sunscreen and shorts everyday, so it’s nice to get a break now and then.
London Bridge

Along with the weather, we’ve been enjoying some of the local sights. Local to this part of Arizona includes the London Bridge. Not a replica; the actual bridge. Apparently it was falling down so London packed it up and shipped it over here where it now spans the Colorado river in Lake Havasu. At one end of the bridge is a microbrewery that makes a decent stout and an outstanding seasonal ale. Barley Brother’s Brewery. The bridge is kinda cool too.
Walkway along the river near London Bridge

This has been the first time our Kindles have been unable to connect to the ATT network. No TV either, since we depend on our roof mounted antenna. Verizon works, so the cell phones and the internet keep us entertained when we’re not hiking around the local country side. We can read books already loaded on the Kindles, so I stole Janie’s and have been reading some romance novels by Nora Roberts. The bride quartet. Hot stuff. And there’s a Walmart in Parker, the closest town to where we’re camped at Buckskin Mountain. Shopping at Walmart can be entertaining. They had DVD movies for $5; half the cost a single ticket to the theater in Phoenix. So I picked up Pale Rider and Doomsday.

We’ll be in Vegas next week for Thanksgiving. The Kindles will be back online, and there will plenty to do but a $10 movie is going to look cheap. I guess I could watch Doomsday.


  1. Can't beat the south western wx, ever. And London Bridge, its always an amazing sight and story. I first saw the bridge in the desert when I was a kid and since then have been back several times. Always amazes me how the area has grown and the foresite the original owners/investors must have had when they started the whole concept of London Bridge along the Colorado River.

  2. we are planning to switch to verizon from at&t before we hit the road... stories like this help confirm my decision...


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