Becoming South Dakotans

Downtown Madison South Dakota
New Plates for the truck!

We are in South Dakota and today did all our paperwork, licenses, registrations, mail forwarding etc. We are how officially domiciled in South Dakota, our home town is Madison. Madison is a very nice little town, but I doubt we will be here very often. We actually tried to get a site at Lake Herman State Park very near Madison but they only had one site in the lower campground. We checked it and it would be a bear to get into so we have decided to head north. We will be staying at the Red River Recreation Area in East Grand Forks MN, across the river from Grand Forks, ND. They had a lot of flooding earlier this year but there were no cautions on the park and they took my reservation so we will get to see how they are doing. This park was actually created out of a residential area that was devastated in 1997 in a flood. Coming from a city (Cedar Rapids) that experienced a devastating flood, I am impressed that they chose this solution. Cedar Rapids could have made choices like that but did not and we felt they missed an opportunity, to make a better city that would not have to worry every time there was a flood (which seems to happen more often these days).
John and Mitch

Just when I finally get a plan there is always a new little twist. I’ve come to actually expect this. Got a call from son Mitch who is job hunting and things are beginning to happen for him. He had an interview yesterday and has one tomorrow. Tomorrow’s interview is with a company he looked at earlier but they did not have a position for him then. They do now and actually sought him out from his previous resume. That is a good sign. So if something happens with him we may have to head back to get him moved. We were to head to International Falls after next week but who knows - we may head back to Iowa temporarily. Flexibility has become my mantra. If it means Mitch is gainfully employed I am all for it!!!
Janie & Mitch
Update on the snake saga: we haven’t seen Fred since we left. After Kevin (Kevin and Ruth) mentioned he hoped Fred wasn’t a pregnant Fredita, I am now having nightmares of many little snakes. I also had to laugh at my own faux pas of having Fred scamper away. I like Judy saying a regular snake may slither but a wet snake may scamper. Well truth be told the real emphasis is on “away” as in out of my truck! We will keep you updated if we see him again. Thanks for all your input however we won’t be selling the truck (the number 1 solution both here and on my Facebook). Stay tuned...
Saying good bye for now to Matthew, Mike, Trudy (my best friend) and Eric.  Love ya all!!
Happy trails........................


  1. No respectable snake would change state residencies. :)

  2. Fingers crossed for Mitch's interview. A pregnant snake - talk about a nightmare. Just can't be. Can it? Isn't it nice how easy it is to become South Dakotans?

  3. congrats on getting your new residency!

  4. Best of luck to Mitch! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Fred has moved on.

  5. We can't wait to have a South Dakota DL either :) Good luck to your son, and to Fred - finding a new home :)

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