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Thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's blog. I thought I would clarify a bit. We met some very nice people and I would never want to slight them in any way. It isn't even so much what they thought about us but about discovering where we fit in. RVing is still relatively new to us. We went right from tent camping to full time RVing in a fifth wheel which is quite a jump. That means we never did any group campouts before and don't have those long time friends with whom we share camping memories. For us it is all about the discovery and meeting people along the way. I think we were a little more comfortable in the Escapee's rally last year because we met others who were in our same situation. New to RVing and many who were new to full timing. It is always easier when there are others going through the same kinds of things you are. 

We did learn a lot from the other Excel owners. Learned things to watch for, how to remedy certain issues. We also got to see 2 new rigs. One couple had a new 2012 33GKE ( to Rockin' Tom, that is an awesome floor plan) and the founder of Peterson In., Vaughn Peterson was there in an new 2012 36CFE, which is a new floor plan for Excel. I must say if we had the money I would try to talk John into the 33 GKE, the kitchen in it is awesome, maybe in a few more years. 

Just so you know we haven't given up on all clubs and rally's, I think as time goes by we will get a little more comfortable with everything, but thanks for all your support. This (time with my blog buddies) is one place I feel very comfortable. The support we have gotten from all our fellow bloggers has been invaluable in this lifestyle, this is a community all on its own, one I had no idea existed and the one I am so thankful for.

Prairie in bloom

Happy Trails........................


  1. This community has been a pleasant and welcome surprise for us, too. We are getting ready to hit the road next week..eek!!! The time to shove off is finally here and there is no way we'd be as prepared if we didn't have all of YOU helping us. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been prepared for the emotional part...and it's been a roller-coaster for sure. We're looking forward to 'relaxing' on the Road!

  2. My DH is far less social than I am. I feel like I'm part of the blog community, and am looking forward to meeting people on the road. I might be joining fireside chats while he is inside reading his book. But that will be quite OK.

  3. Janie,
    I understand your thoughts and feelings about the clubs. We don't belong to any except Good Sam's and we joined it in the 80s and never been to a club meeting. I have thought about joining IA or SD, wouldn't know anyone in either, except you and John now, but have never done it because we are never around IA for long. When do you head south? We will be at Griff's in Altoona the last two weeks of Oct, then head to AZ.

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