Snakes and a Baby

How do you like that for a title. Did it a make you wonder if they were doing a sequel to “Snakes on a Plane”? Well unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, I am not a movie producer. If I was I am not sure that is a movie I would make. So instead I’ll just talk about each separately. Baby first!
Kelvin Richard

Janie & Kelvin
My nephew Jordan and wife Rachel gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last Sunday. His name is Kelvin Richard (after Lord Kelvin who developed the Kelvin temperature scale). Jordan is a biochemist so it is a fitting name. Kelvin arrived 5 weeks early but weighed in at 6 lbs 4oz. I think Rachel is glad she didn’t go full term as that would have been a big baby. Jordan weighed 10lbs 9oz  (I think, I’m close any way) when he was born and I think Kelvin was on track to being similar in size. Kelvin is doing great, but he’s still considered a preemie. They are watching him closely and he has had to spend a little time in a Billi-Bed  but he got to go home on Tuesday and that in itself is amazing considering how early he was. We stopped in on Monday to see him and he is a cutie, I always forget how little newborns are. My boys were never that little but Gabe was only a little over 7lbs. It reminded me of how quickly they grow up (sigh).
Jordan, Rachel, and Kelvin
Now on to snakes. John picked up some firewood the other night and I went to take it out of the truck and there was a snake slithering through it and yes I screamed like a little girl! I do not like snakes. It is good sized snake, maybe about 3 feet long, but we are not entirely sure what kind. Most Iowa snakes are pretty harmless, or so I’m told, but that doesn’t make me like them any more. John knows it didn’t come on board with the wood; he is sure he would have noticed a snake that big. So we have no idea how he got there but he is currently residing in a little pocket area by our extended fuel tank. Yesterday he stuck his head out and was checking things out. Next time I see him do that I will get a photo. We are not sure how to get rid of him - and I want him out of my truck!!! Any suggestions???
We are leaving here on Monday and I am excited to go somewhere else. We have a tentative plan to first go to South Dakota and become residents there and then head north into Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan doing as much of the shore of Lake Superior as we can. The only reservation we have is on Labor Day weekend. I found a spot in Two Harbors, MN.  I got lucky and a spot had just opened up. So this is out very tentative plan:

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I always try to have a general plan in mind and usually it gets changed but that’s ok too. I’m just glad to be out on the road again.
Happy Trails...........


  1. Kelvin is an absolute doll. My Todd was a preemie but that didn't stop him from growing into a big man. So glad he got to go home with Mom and Dad.

    As far as snakes, I hate them with a passion. Know nothing about them other than I want nothing to do with them. Jim isn't afraid of snakes unless it's a rattler so he'd be able to get rid of it. Maybe use a broom or a stick? I'm pretty useless.

  2. I like that name, Kelvin.

  3. I hate snakes, too. A 3 foot snake is big. I get the willies just thinking about it!

    The UP of Michigan is beautiful. There a state park that's part of the Porcupine Mountains that we stayed at. We had a beautiful site right on Lake Superior. The only problem is that is was the end of June, and the black biting flies were horrible. But, they're long gone by now. Lots of great hiking in that area. We hiked up to Cloud Lake which was beautiful.

    Have a great time! I'm interested in hearing about becoming South Dakota residents.

  4. I hate snakes, too. And, three feet is a big snake, gives me the willies!

    We stayed at a state park in the UP of Michigan in the Porcupine Mountain area. We had a beautiful site right on Lake Superior. Unfortunately, we were there when the black files were biting in late June. They're long gone by the time you get there. Great hiking in the area, we hiked up to Cloud Lake which was beautiful.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about becoming South Dakota residents.

    Have a great trip!

  5. Sounds like a great trip. You were lucky to find the spot for the holiday weekend. Enjoy!

  6. Beautiful baby!! As to the keep him, I don't want him!!

  7. Babies are so special and they do grow up so fast. Congratulations to the new family.

    I'm with you Janie as snakes creep me out big time and I would want it gone also. Good luck to John on removing it.

    Your travel plans sound great. Enjoy the sights.

  8. Nothing like a new baby..they are so innocent! Snakes on the other hand..

  9. Great looking baby and Kelvin is a neat name.

    Good thing Paulette didn't see that snake or she'd still be running!

  10. Kelvin ... I wonder how many times he will have to correct people who call him "Kevin." I always had to correct people who would call me "Mary." My name is Merikay. I didn't really mind, it made me feel special to have a special name.

    So Good luck to little Kelvin. May he always stand out!


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