Update on Fred

Fred the Freakin' Freeloading Snake 
Well, we haven't seen Fred for a couple days which makes us wonder if he finally took off. Either that or he is so traumatized from the travel that he's in seclusion in his little hiding place. We arrived in East Grand Forks MN yesterday and will be here a week so we will still keep an eye out for him.

A friend of mine has another friend (is that confusing) who knows a little about snakes so she sent him the photo of Fred so we could figure out what kind of snake he is and here is his answer.

"After a google search, I am sticking to my original opinion. A Racer, and many of the Google pics look enhanced to me, they are not THAT blue, and are often gray like the one in the vehicle. I generally like snakes but I would not want to find a Blue Racer in my car, they are freakishly fast and will bite, harmless but scary. Even the way the snake holds it's body says "racer' to me. They live in open grasslands and hunt by sight, so they hold up their heads to look around. I've only seen a couple in my lifetime,,,whoosh, gone."

We agree that Fred is a mighty fast moving snake so there you have it , Fred is probably a Blue Racer, that is kind of cool, well as long as he leaves my truck.  Thanks Molly  and her friend for solving that little mystery.

It is a little windy and rainy today so tomorrow we will get out and discover Grand Forks and East Grand Forks. There are lots of bike trails here so we will probably peddle our way around the city. Looking forward to discovering a new place.

Happy Trails.......................


  1. That is what would freak us out...not knowing if it was still there or not. The same with a mouse in our house...we want to see it in the trap...dead or see it leaving so we know for sure it is no longer there.

    Hopefully, it doesn't raise it's ugly head again to you guys!

  2. I don't know if I'd be more worried about not seeing Fred or seeing Fred. But hopefully he has raced his way to greener pastures.

  3. a racer is my guess but which one I am not sure...

  4. Fred probably got out and beat you to East Grand Forks! Keep your eyes peeled!

  5. Fred's most likely long gone - I'd never get Paulette back in a vehicle if she ever saw a snake in it.


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