Fred the Freakin' Freeloading Snake!

John, named our hitchhiking passenger. I had to clean it up a little but that's only because he was really angry at the snake when he came up with the name. Yesterday we tried to wash him out of his hiding place with the hose and guess what, that didn't work either. I even had the camera ready to get a photo of him scampering off.  So I guess he is going with us to South Dakota tomorrow. 

It has been a busy last couple of days, we have been getting together with a few close friends before we leave and a little time with family too. I'm anxious to get on the road, I wonder if Fred feels that way too. 

Happy Trails..............


  1. I am so enjoying your snake saga. I wouldn't be enjoying it near as much if it was in our truck. Drive safe.

  2. NO WAY...Jerry would sell the rig and we would have to buy another...he would not live with one in our home. You guys are brave!

  3. Hm. I didn't know snakes could "scamper". Wow, learn something new every day. (it's the remembering part that's the challenge...)

  4. Fred knows a good deal when he sees one. Good luck!

  5. Scamper is what wet snakes do. It's a little faster than their normal slither! :)

  6. Some how I just can't visualize a snake scampering. Don't you need feet for that?

  7. Dawg-gone it....I wish I were there. I like snakes, and even did a 10 page paper on them in high school. Looks like a friendly little grass snake to me. Try using your awning rod when he's out sunbathing!!! I love the stories! rockin'

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