Captain's Log - 27 years

Janie wanted me write about our wedding since our anniversary is tomorrow. 
John & Janie night before the wedding, notice the beard.
Twenty seven years ago on this date I was staying with my Dad and a couple of my brothers in a hotel in Cedar Rapids. I was getting married the next day in a local park so I was trimming my beard. The beard wasn’t going so well. I was thinking it would be easier if I just shaved it off. Janie had never seen me without my beard, having just met me six months ago, but I was pretty sure she wasn’t marrying me for my beard. So off it came. I was going to be clean shaven for the big day.
John and brother, Walt, having fun before the ceremony.
It turned out to be a hot day for September, so it was probably a good thing the beard was gone. The first person I saw as I arrived at the park was Janie’s best friend Trudy. She thought I was one of my brothers, but Janie caught on right away. She was surprised, but the wedding was still on.
It was so hot, in fact, that the beer was tapped as soon as it arrived. By the time we walked down the isle, most people had a beer in their hand. It was a celebration. The bride was beautiful with a wide brimmed hat and a veil. The wind had picked up, so Janie said her vows with one hand on her hat.
The ceremony
The bride
The reception was also at the park, which worked out well for everyone who already had a beer. We also had pork sandwiches, champagne, and wedding cake to go with the beer.  The first order of business was to ditch the suit and get into some shorts. We posed for some pictures, signed some papers, ate some cake and drank some champagne. But to really seal the deal, my buddy Bob had to kiss my bare ass. I was pretty sure this was going to be one picture that didn’t make the wedding album, but it had to be done. When he and Sue were married at this very location, I had challenged Bob to “bare it and I’ll kiss it” at their reception. He did and I did, so it was payback time. They were actually married on the back side of the pavilion we were at, so I argued that we should go there for the ass kissing ceremony. My in-laws took it well, I thought.
Mr. and Mrs. John Dean
Twenty seven years later, we’re still married. Pretty sweet. 


  1. Happy Anniversary, Hope you have many, many more happy years together, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. What a great story! Thanks for not sharing the ass-kissin' picture..too much! ;-) You guys still look great after all these years.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Isn't it amazing how young and skinny we all looked back in the day?? :)

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary. John is a great storyteller. He had me laughing out loud. Kudos to him for writing the post!

  5. Ralph and Cheryl ScheySeptember 2, 2011 at 11:30 AM

    Janie and John,
    Great story - and great pictures. Have a wonderful 2nd 27 years!

  6. You guys are a great couple....hope we get to meet you soon Janie!! Happy Anniversary and many more to come!!! Nice write up! Tom and Donna

  7. Wow - what a great day and Happy Anniversary. 27 - great number. We're only two behind you. Have a hundred more just as wonderful. Love the wolf story. Growing up in MT I am really torn between the ranchers and the wolves.

  8. What a perfect wedding...good friends, family, beer, and laughs! And a beautiful young couple!!


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