Name that snake

What should we name this guy?

Yesterday I got a couple photos of our "pet" snake. He likes to peak out and check out the world from the safety of his home in the pump housing of our extended fuel tank. We still have not figured out how to get him out of there. It is really a confined space. So until we figure something out or he finally gets hungry and leaves, he will be going along for the ride. We decided he's been around long enough, he deserves a name. So what do you think we should name him??

I still want him out. I'm ok looking at him from a distance but you won't catch me climbing into the bed of the truck, I'll leave that duty to John. John claims he isn't afraid of the snake (that's my studley guy!) but still has yet to come up with a plan to get him to leave. If we don't figure it out soon the snake will find himself in South Dakota. Maybe he just wants to see the world too?!

Happy trails.......................


  1. How about "Flatty"?

  2. I'm not even sure I could get in the cab of the truck knowing he was back there.

  3. Not all that sure that confronted with one, I would like it either. He's cute, but he's still a snake! Why do they have such bad reps. They eat mice which is helpful :)

    Maybe you should warn him that he's gonna leave his little family soon!

  4. Realistically speaking, he's definitely less upkeep than a dog.
    How about "Gary the Garter"?

  5. I would name him "Hitchhiker". LOL!

  6. How about stowy for stow away or pia for pain in the a**. That's as creative as I get. I certainly wouldn't be getting anywhere near it!

  7. John has decided to call him Fred (it is Fred the ____ snake - and John doesn't usually swear). Tomorrow I'll write about our latest attempt to get him to leave.

  8. He's so cute! I'll bet that once you start travelling he will make his way out at one of your stops along the way. I wouldn't think it would be a smooth ride for him there. Just hope it is a him and not a her that has made a nest in there. Good luck ousting Fred!

    Kevin and Ruth


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