Leaving East Grand Forks

On the bike trail of the Grand Forks Greenway

Tomorrow we leave East Grand Forks. This stop has been such a pleasant surprise, we know that we will return in the future. We put about 60 miles on the bikes, John went to a movie (I walk out, will talk about this later) we visited the hockey rink and had beer and appetizers at the Blue Moose most night here, and went to farmer’s market. The weather has been wonderful and we can’t think of a better way to spend a week. 
Farmer's Market

Our next stop is International Falls MN. One of our hockey sons (Brady) is from the Falls and we really have been wanting to spend some time there. We visited once before but it was too short to do all that the area has to offer. A bonus is that we are going to hook up at the cabin. Brady’s grandfather Bud added a hook up so we could stay right there for free. Free is always good in this lifestyle! Brady is off at school in Columbus OH, at the University of Ohio so we didn’t expect to get to see him but we love his parents, grandparents and brother Bryce so as much as we miss Brady we still wanted to visit. Here’s the cool part- Brady is coming home Friday night!! His mom spilled the beans so we are suppose to act surprised when we see him. I would be shocked if Brady ever read the blog so I am pretty sure I can write about it here and still act surprised. So it is on to International Falls, a visit with the Hjelles’, Rainy Lake, Rainy River and Brady!!
Cool car, Heritage Days Parade, East Grand Forks.

Mitch (youngest son) starts a job tomorrow! That makes us very happy. He is working with a contact firm TechResources on a job for Aegon (or TransAmerica). He is very excited to have a job. He went shopping for work clothes today. We are breathing a sigh of relief. In this economy it is a tough job market. 
Also wanted to give you a Fred update. We haven’t seen our snake friend since we left Iowa. We are not sure if he vacated there or maybe in South Dakota but we have looked for him this week and he seems to be gone. We hope he found a great home, we are just glad that it isn’t with us!! He certainly made life interesting for awhile.
Oh, that movie I walked out on was “Conan”. I usually can handle gorey movies but this one really got to me, but John enjoyed it. I went and had a beer at the Blue Moose while he finished the movie. I knew it was time to leave when after 20 minutes I hadn’t taken my head out of Johns shoulder to watch the screen. It is really bloody. If that is your thing John says you’ll like it but for the rest of us I’d say save your money. I’m just glad all we paid for me was the matinĂ©e  price.


  1. I'm with you on that bloody movie stuff. Yuck! :-P

  2. when i was in the Air Force one of my biggest fears was being stationed in Grand Forks or Minot.. you have made it all sound not as bad as I was told back then...


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