Escapade Overload, Shipshiwana, and Big Trucks

It is the 4th day of the Escapade and we re already exhausted. We did get to sleep in this morning as today there were no seminars. In the past 2 days we have gone to seminars on Basic RV systems, Driving basics, Fire Safety, Weight safety, a full timers panel discussion and RVing in the Southwest USA. Now it is almost system overload and we aren't quite through yet. One more day of seminars and a big party tomorrow night. Friday we leave but not until we get the whole rig weighed wheel by wheel, and that includes the truck.  That is a lot for one week. Man, I need a nap!
Today was kind of a free day, there were things going on but nothing that really trips our trigger so we took off to the post office and for Shipshiwana. Shipshiwana is a little town in the middle of Amish country. Buggies galore and the traffic was crazy. I was just looking for fresh produce but we ended up in the middle of a huge flea market. When you live in a space as small as ours it makes you look at shopping differently. There was very little there that interested us. Anytime you want to buy something you have to ask "Where will it go" or"what am I going to get rid of to make room for this" It is the best shopping control device I have ever had. I did find my produce and I am now have the makings for fresh salsa.

For those of you who have seen our 1 ton pick up know that John wanted a big-a$$ pickup, and he loves his big truck, but being here has given a different perspective on big trucks. I'll leave you all with a couple of photos of the BIG trucks people pull 5th wheels with these days. It is starting to give John ideas???!!! We need to get out of here soon! LOL



  1. Yep, if he likes big trucks, you need to leave asap! You're right about grocery shopping when you're in an Rv. I wish I would do it the same here at home. I just finished cleaning out the refrigerator and man, what a lot of stuff, mostly condiments, pickles and salad dressing...not much food!


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