Kickin' back

Well as the week has moved on we are getting more in the swing of this retirement thing. John has decided to let his hair grow (maybe even long enough for a pony tail) and to grow a beard. Right now he looks like a homeless guy, pretty scruffy. I'm kind of excited about the beard, he had one when we met and it doesn't take him long to grow one. Someday I'll get him to write the story about how he shaved it off the morning of the wedding. I'd never seen him clean shaven and it was quite a shock. But that's another story.

For me it is a bit opposite. I polished my nails! As a dental hygienist I was never able to let my nails grow or wear any nail polish so doing my nails was a little celebration. I'm enjoying it but we will see how long that lasts. A very special friend of ours, Amanda, is into hair and fashion. She came to the party bearing gifts to keep us beautiful. She actually brought a bag full of hair and nail goodies for me and one of hair and shaving products for John. It was a very cool gift. So thanks Amanda for making us the beautiful people we are. :)

Things are slowing down but right now it just feels like a vacation, I think it will be awhile before we realize this is just our way of life now. We are getting ready to hit the road on Tuesday. John is finishing up a few projects on the rig and I am planning our route to Goshen IN. One thing we are trying to stick by is not traveling more than 200 miles at a time and staying 4-5 days. On the way to Goshen we will stop twice but we will only be able to stay 2 nights each so we are already breaking the rules. 

Our first stop will be Kankakee River State Park in eastern Illinois and then to Chain O'Lakes State Park in IN just a little south and east of Goshen. I spent some time on the web checking them both out and both got great reviews on I checked out their reservation sites and it looks like both have plenty of spots open. I don't want to reserve as you never know what may change and if that state goes through Reserve America as many do, you pay an extra $8-10 dollars to reserve a spot. Since we are starting our journey after Labor Day I think we will find most parks will have openings.

We are headed to Goshen to attend the Escapade Rally put on by the Escapees. This group is out of Texas and are mainly full timers and snow birds. The price of membership is very reasonable and there are lots of discounts at RV parks around the nation as well as other resources they have available. We are interested in their full-timers boot camp seminars and John is hoping they will have some of the Solar vendors there as this is something he really wants to add to our rig in the future. We figure as newbies we can use all the help we can get. We will let you in on what we learn there.


  1. I'm so glad that you finally made it out and into retirement. Congratulations and was worth the wait.
    Now, unfortunately I need to ask you a question. We met at Morgan Creek Park when I asked about your flamingo and your wireless network. You did a great job of explaining but unfortunately I didn't write anything down. Can you email me and tell me what equipment you have and how you have it hooked together and working ? It will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you, thank you, in
    (a former collins inmate as well..aka..Sheryn Cushman, now Sheryn Ward)

  2. Tuesday is almost here! Good for you. I think you'll enjoy the Escapade. Did you already register for the Boot Camp? Safe travels. :)

  3. The Boot Camp is a free part of the Escapade this year. It is just mixed in with all the other seminars so as far as I can tell there is no special registration for it. I went back and combed through it again but it still looks like that is how it is being done this year. We are looking forward to it. :)


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