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I  just wanted to make a quick post to thank all our followers and for all the kind comments on that last post. I think Gypsy G-mas had it right sometimes we know how we should do things but learning the hard way is human nature. After we relaxed a little, that and a few projects around the rig are all we have done since arriving here, we see things a little clearer and will go back to the plan. Today is Sunday and we have a plan for our move. We don't have to be out of here until 4 so we are going to drive into Madison and check the campground to see if some spaces have opened. If one is open for a week then we will stay for a week but if not we will try for 3 days and move to Decorah IA on Wednesday.  We know the Decorah area well so have several places we can check and it is within our driving distance so not a long drive. 

I have updated reviews on Notes from the Flamingo so if you think you'll be in this area they might be helpful I am doing them for us as I know if I don't write it down I will forget and I figure we might as well share it with others.

We may have found a spot to stay for a month in December. We are flying our sons into Vegas to be with us at Christmas and we want to firm up those plans. It will be the only reservation we make but we want to be sure we have a good place to spend time with them since it will be the only time this winter we see them. I'll share that with you after we firm up the details.

Happy trails....


  1. Seems like you have had a chance to calm down after a hectic Friday.

    We were in Decorah, IA a year ago, it is a lovely little town. We ate a picnic lunch at a hilltop park and had a great time. We had just driven up for the day in our car but enjoyed the small town. Hope you enjoy your stay there.


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