TV & IPad

The weather has kept us from riding bikes here so we have been working on projects. We have a wonderful flat screen TV in our 5th Wheel home but it is directly mounted to the wall and cannot be swiveled to the direction we are sitting. So at the Escapade John found a wonderful wall mount at the Mor-Ryde booth that will allow us to move the TV but also locks into place for moving. Like most things Mor-Ryde makes it is pretty beefy, a real plus in John's book. So John had a project and I was the assistant (mainly holding things). He got it done without even visiting the hardware store. Amazing. So here are a couple photos of our home improvement project.

He is a handy guy to have around.

After that project we were both cruising the web. I had out the Macbook and John was on the old Alienware laptop. The Alienware was actually a good computer for us. It had some issues the last couple of years but it is almost 6 years old, ancient in computer years. Well it finally died. Earlier this year we thought it was a gonner but John resurrected it. No miracles this time.  Time to shop! John won’t buy a Windows based PC again so luckily Madison has an Apple Store. All we need is something to surf the web and the new IPad is perfect for the job and of course the fact that it a new toy doesn’t hurt. So a new IPad has come to our home on wheels. You can take the engineer out of the job (retirement ) but you can’t take the “nerd” out of the engineer.  :)


Happy Trails.........


  1. Nice job on the TV. Those Escapades do come in handy for things like that. I wished I had been there to get new custom made front window screens for my rig. :)


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