Meeting our Mentors

We arrived at the Elkhart County Fairground in Goshen yesterday for the 50th Escapade. This is a very large rally put on by the Escapees RV club that we joined. I have never seen so many RVs in one spot. All makes and models. John did a good job of listening to the parking crew as he got us parked in the tightest spot we’ve ever had to get into. We are packed tight enough that if we opened our window and the neighbors opened theirs we could shake hands. This is the first FHU (full hook up site) we have used. We had one the night before at the Elkhart Campground but we used so little of the tank we didn’t need to dump before coming here. John finds out we are missing a part we need for the sewer connection. With the help of a neighbor Carol, who has been full timing for 16 years we got it all figured out with an extra coupler she had that she lent us. So two learning experiences before the seminars even began.
John, Janie, Linda & Howard
Today was the opening ceremony and we are meeting lots of people. We went to a social with a group part of whom are people from the RV-Dreams site (thanks Jim and Dee for letting us tag along)  that inspired this whole lifestyle change. It really is the Class of 2007 but we were invited along by Jim and Dee. I am so glad we got to go because who should show up but Howard and Linda Paine who are the couple who have the RV-dream site. In a way they are very much our cyber mentors. All the info on their site is what made us feel we could do this. I’ve emailed them before but it was so nice to get to meet them and thank them in person. For anyone out there that is considering this lifestyle the RV-dreams site is a great place to start reading. So that was the highlight of today. Tomorrow the seminars, for us it is the FullTimers Bootcamp ones begin. Should be a great day. We hope to meet more of our cyber friends from the RV-dreams forum as well.


  1. How great to be there! You'll learn so much, I'm sure. Are you coming to the RV-Dreams rally in April in TN? Hope to see you there!

  2. We had never stayed at a FHU site until last Falland now I'm afraid we're hooked. Having that sewer connection is really nice...long showers :)

  3. What a great surprise! We also credit Howard and Linda for giving us the courage to follow our dreams. We got to meet them when we went to the RV-Dreams rally last October and it was so nice to finally meet them in person. And out of that, we landed the job we currently have, all because Linda suggested that we would be a good fit. They are special people indeed.

  4. Greetings, Janie & John. Welcome to Escapade and the Wild Roses chapter. It was great to meet both of you at the social, and we look forward to seeing you at our future rallies and events.

    Everett (Skpcat)
    Iowa Wild Roses #48


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