Decorah IA

Vesterhiem Museum

We are in Decorah this week. I haven’t written anything partly because we have been busy. This is a beautiful little town in NE Iowa  and if you have never visited I encourage you to. It is the home of Luther college. This is a small private Lutheran college and it is where my youngest attends as a senior. This little town is of Norwegian American  heritage and houses the Vesterhiem museum which is the premier Norwegian American museum in the USA. The King of Norway has visited several times and you will see several large Lutheran churches here as well as the college. We have visited the museum and for me it was a treat as my Mother’s family immigrated here from Norway and I have a Norwegian bible an catechism that were printed here in Decorah.
Our current parking place.

 We have been here many times and never tire of it. It is a beautiful town set next to the Upper Iowa River. This river is a haven for canoeists and those who like to float in a tube.  The river is very picturesque with cliffs along the side with eagles and their nests. We are hoping to canoe on Saturday when our oldest son joins us. We have taken that trip before and it is always enjoyable. 
We feel very at home here. We are camped at Pulpit Rock campground (there is a campground review on Notes from the Flamingo). We have tent camped here several times and  in our 5th wheel earlier this spring. It is  nice little campground that is actually in Decorah and is no reservation CG. If you plan on staying here come early in the week it fills up fast.
Inside T-Bock's

A few of our favorite things here are of course our son (lol) along with several places we love to eat. T- Bock's is a little bar down town that has great food (including breakfast). They have several unique burgers like the Peanut butter burger that my son thinks is the best and several other unique creations. Also outside of town there is a restaurant named McCaffery’s that has great gourmet pizza and often has live music. We will visit it later this weekend (already been to T-Bock's). There are several more upscale restaurants like Rubiyat’s but that really isn’t our style. There also is a new brew pub in town but I can’t remember the name. We spent some time there and they have some good crafted beer.
The other thing we enjoy about this location is it within an easy drive to Harmony, Prescott and Lanesboro where the Root River State Trail is. I’ll tell you a more about it tomorrow (we biked it today).
Happy Trails..........


  1. Very cool! I am born and raised Lutheran as well..come from a Norwegian background. Have to put that area on our list!


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