Brady & Biking

This week one of our hockey sons was back in town. Brady lived with us his senior year of high school while he played for the USHL hockey team the Roughriders. Then he went off to UMD for 2 years but was unhappy with his hockey situation there. Long story short he is back with the Roughriders for another year and hoping to find a college team that will be a better fit for him. Brady is a very good goalie and is glad to be back on a team he loves and with a coach he respects. On Saturday we met him after practice and took him to lunch. He is such a great kid and to us he will always be one of our kids. He gets a new hockey mom this year but I know she will take good care of him. We will miss getting to see him play, luckily the team has an audio feed of the game we can listen to online. For those of you from Cedar Rapids  we hope you will go to a few games and cheer him on for us.

Today was a beautiful day here until the last few minutes, now we are having another storm, the trailer is shaking a bit. This is typical of this summer. Earlier today it was warm and sunny but low humidity so very comfortable making it a perfect day for a bike ride. We have a trail that goes through Cedar Rapids, we ride the northern portion quite often but haven't ridden the southern portion since before the floods on 2008. A portion of the trail was washed out by the flood but it has been repaired and to our delight they have also extended the southern end. It was a beautiful ride. Bike trails are one of our favorite things to do but it seems this last year we have not been able to do as much riding as we would like. It was great to get back to one of our passions. It is one of the things we hope to do more of as we travel. A great source for trail information is Rails to Trails conservancy's trail link for anyone who would like to find trails in the area they are traveling. I plan on using it a lot in the near future.

Hope you enjoy the photos with Brady - what you think of those shades?!  


  1. I think the shades are cool! I guess that is what the kids today would call them. When my kids were in their teens the word could have been "rad". :)

    Brady seems like a great guy! Thanks for sharing him with us today.

  2. Nice day for you! We also enjoy the rails to trails system, and hope to find many of them when we full time.

  3. Glad to see you got to spend time with Bady! =)

    Have fun!



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