Christmas Plans

While John was working on more projects here I was working on our Christmas plans. We have the boys flying into Las Vegas to join us. We checked into using our family (inherited from my dad) timeshare but with location upgrade and time of year our free week would be $400. Decided instead to go with the first idea we had which is to pick the guys up and stay on the strip for two nights, rooms at the Flamingo are just $40 a night. Take in one show and a nice restaurant then leave Vegas for more active pursuits. Luckily I have boys who do like to hike and be outside.

Zion River Resort
I stumbled on an RV resort that really appealed to John and I and have a great Snowbird rate if you plan ahead. The resort is the Zion River Resort and Campground. It is in Virgin UT and after reading lots of reviews and talking with the manager about the weather and hiking opportunities at Zion National Park this time of year we decided it was a good fit for us. We reserved the month of December in a back-in site along the river. This looks like a great jumping off spot to do things with the guys and it is 160 miles from Vegas so not an overwhelming drive. This is the only reservation we are making this winter but with the guys coming and the holidays I feel more comfortable knowing where we will be. This also gives our travel plans a little structure knowing we need to arrive there December 1st but not so much to crimp our style.

We are still in Madison and hoping to visit the brewery in New Glarus today and do a little biking. It is not suppose to rain until tonight. So off we go!
Happy trails.......


  1. How appropriate that you are staying at the Flamingo in Vegas! :)

  2. It looks like a lovely place to spend the holidays. We were at Zion several years ago and had such a great time. Enjoy!

  3. We visited Zion several years ago when our boys were in their early teens. It's beautiful! I believe Bryce Canyon National Park isn't that far and it was also amazing. We will be staying a month during mid November to mid December near Death Valley. We're also planning to go to Vegas for a few nights for Kevin's birthday on Dec. 10th. We plan to stay at the Imperial for $26 a night. The hotel prices are a great deal!

  4. Zion River Resort looks like a great place. Such beautiful scenery. I'm sure the boys will enjoy being there with you.

  5. Ii graduated with John and ran into his brother Walt today. He told me about your adventures and your blog. I will be following you guys. You are living mine and my husband's dream. We have a fifth wheel and were going to do exactly what you are doing, but he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer earlier this year. Our travels this year have been from the Kansas City area to the cancer center in Tulsa. I hope you won't mind that you have a "stalker" and I would love to share with some of the facebook friends from Salem, if that's OK?

    Mary Lou Daugherty Brooks

  6. Mary Lou, John says hi! Once in awhile I actually get him to write here. He is a talented writer but needs to feel inspired (LOL) . Sorry to hear about your husband we wish him a speedy recovery. We are glad you can follow along and feel free to share our blog with others. The more the merrier. More than that we hope that someday we will meet you out on the road. If you see we are near you just send a message and we will try to get together. I am on Facebook also. I have two profiles (one I didn't seem to be able to delete.) The one with the photo of John and I together is the one I use.

  7. That sounds like a good plan for Christmas. I guess it's guess best to have some sort of reservation for the holidays. It looks like a beautiful area, can't wait to see more pictures!

  8. Hi, just wanted to tell you we stayed at the park you are planning to stay at in Zion. It was lovely, clean, nice people and gorgeous views. I just wanted to tell you that the riverside side site is a bit of a misnomer. all the sites we saw butted up to a large berm they installed after flooding some years back. we had one of the pull through spots which we found much better to enjoy views.. you might want to check the particulars of the spot you reserved so you are not diappointed. you couldn't even climb on the berm to see the water which was just a muddy trickle is Sept.

  9. Thanks for the heads up on the back in sites. I will call tomorrow to see if we can get that changed.

  10. Zion Resort looks like a lovely spot. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to put it on my places to stop in. :)


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