"Cramping" my style

Well it is 4 am and hear I am on the computer. Am I crazy? Probably a little but I am up because I pulled a muscle in my rib area that is making it hard to sleep comfortably. I am a side sleeper and the only way I can lay down without pain is on my back. That worked for 4-5 hours but then I was up and there was no getting comfortable. I'd love to tell a good story about how I was working so hard or doing something terribly physical but no I was just getting out of cousin Shelila's car at farmer's market and twisted the wrong way. Bummer!

I still wanted to do farmer's market so I decided to suck it up and keep going. The Madison Farmer's Market on the square is awesome. The inside of the square are all food and produce vendors and the outside of the square are the art vendors. The produce was fabulous and with Shelia as a guide you can't go wrong. Shelia likes to cook and is a regular at the market. Many of the vendors know her by name. I went a little overboard but wow will we be eating well this week.

Our time here in Madison has gone quickly and the weather has not been as cooperative as we had hoped but we did get to New Glarus to tour the brewery and biked the Sugar River trail from there for a ways. Nice trail that reminded me of the Cedar Valley trail near home. That night we stopped in Riley (John's mom's family home) and had dinner with his Aunt Helen.  Good thing we did as that night Helen got ill and was admitted to the hospital the next day. We were so surprised as she looked well when we were there but Shelia says she has had this sudden illness happen 3 times in the last few weeks so it was time to find out what is really going on. We were just glad we got to spend some time with her when she was feeling good.

This little park is in a great location for visiting Madison. It started filling up today but was quiet most of the week. When the weather wasn't cooperating John was working on all the projects he has going. He is wiring our router to work on 12v power and adding a signal booster and trucker antenna to the rig. He had all the inside work done and today (or actually yesterday) when the weather shaped up he was up on the roof installing the antenna. We definitely have seen an improvement in our internet with the antenna. He is still waiting on the booster, it was mailed to our son's where we will be next week. His goal is to have a signal that will reach the truck so we can pick up the internet there from the router in the rig. It will be interesting to see if it all works as planned. His engineering mind is always at work.

I've got John working on a post...told him it was his turn so stay tuned and hopefully this week you will get to hear from him. He is always entertaining.
New Glarus Brewery
Happy trails........


  1. Looks like some great places to visit! We finally got home from South Dakota. I can't wait to go back...in an RV!


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