A bit of a hike

View of campground and lake from the ridge

We have enjoyed Roper Lake. It is a quiet place and we’ve met some very nice folks while we’ve been here. The other night we spent it around a campfire with the couple next to us from Colorado. He was the Postmaster at Yellowstone for quite awhile but recently retired and they have some land in Colorado they eventually want to build on. He has had some health problems so they are just traveling full time this winter. They had a lot of great stories and we all laughed a lot and enjoyed a beautiful Arizona night. 
Steps up the trail
On Thursday we went out for a hike. There is a trail that goes up along the ridge behind the campground. It wasn’t too steep or too long but make for a nice little hike. Another of our neighbors, a couple from Albuquerque, told us they had seen a Great Horned owl in the trees at the day use area so we went to find it. Met them out there looking again too. Laurie was just sure she had found it, pointing to the area. John said “it sure looks like a squirrel to me” and sure enough that’s what it was. All she had seen were the little ears sticking up. John had fun teasing her about the squirrely looking owl. The real owl was no where to be found. I did have the pleasure of listening to him the night before after we went to bed.
I don’t think I mentioned before that this campground has it’s own hot tub. The water in it is from a natural hot springs. We haven’t tried it out but mainly because I would call it more a “warm tub” vs a hot tub. I did take a few pics of it.
Natural Hot Tub
Tomorrow will be a travel day. We are headed toward Phoenix and are hoping to stay at Cave Creek a Maricopia regional park. John has decided on a Banks exhaust system and brake package and Banks set us up with one of their certified installers in Phoenix. Cave Creek is the closest of the Maricopia parks to him. We know they are popular and will call ahead as we travel to check on availability. There are two other Maricopia parks in the area as well, McDowell Mountain and Usery that are also possibilities. We also have several people we would like to visit in the area. It looks like we can stay up to two weeks and still make Vegas with a stop in between so we don’t have to travel any long days.
Our squirrel siteing
Happy trails.................


  1. I'd sure be in that warm hot tub in a flash! :)

  2. That looks like a squirrel to me too


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