Carlsbad NM

Ok everyone, I've really got him going now, lets see how long I can keep him blogging. Oh, and to Laurie and George, John liked the You Tube idea now if he could just convince me that we have $300 extra to buy one. (lol)
Here's Johnny!!!!
Sunset Brantley lake

Carlsbad (DH)
We’re camped out just north of Carlsbad enjoying some great views. The evenings are cool enough to be outside, so we made some margaritas and Janie’s taking pictures of the sunset. I’m trying to ignore the mosquitos. They’re ignoring my bug spray.

Earlier I was out here by myself veging out with a book when a roadrunner walked right up to me, gave me a quick once-over and walked back into the scrub. It might have been a sign that I should live in the desert and follow the ways of the roadrunner. Or maybe it meant I should have another margarita.

Today we visited our first National Park: Carlsbad Caverns. Totally impressed. Did you know bats pollinate the cactus tequila is made from? So without bats, there would be no margaritas. Yea bats.
Formation in the caverns

Speaking of which, we are now out of tequila. This tequila was a retirement present from some friends (thanks Brenda and Rick). Patron. Not sure what’s it’s going to cost, but I hope Walmart carries it.


  1. Great post John! Love the pics too.

    Travel Safe

  2. Welllll....I always find that rot-gut tequila is fine in a margarita. Now, Patron, on the other hand...hmm...WalMart sells Tequila? ;-)



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