Time with family

We’ve been in KC for almost a week now and it has been a busy one. Our main reason for being here was to visit family. We have had a wonderful time doing just that. John’s brother and his family are here with the exception of one son (Mark) who is teaching in South Korea. If you are catching this Mark, we missed you!

Niece Mary and her husband Daryl have a little boy, Bennett, that just turned one about a month ago. This was our first time to see him and what a cutie and of course a photographers dream. He is learning to walk which is a treat to see. It just takes me back to when my own sons were doing that. Where does the time go???
Daryl and niece Julie both had birthdays this week so Friday we went to a local Pizza place, Stone Canyon, for a great night of pizza and then back to Mary and Daryl’s new house. Just a nice night with family.
Hockey anyone?
Saturday, brother Walt and nephew Andy took John and I to a minor league hockey game. We have seen plenty of junior hockey and college hockey but this our first minor league experience. Great arena. The hockey is a little different, the pace is similar to the USHL but there is a lot of fighting. Now I don’t mind a good hockey fight. I learned to understand the whole thing from the fellas who lived with us but I don’t think it should overshadow the whole game. They did say there were more fights in this game than usual. It was great to see hockey though. I took my camera in as hockey is my favorite thing to shoot. The ticket people didn’t say anything so I took it that it was ok but when I got to my seat and took a photo of Walt and John the usher came and told me professional cameras are not allowed. He really would have had a fit if he’d seen the long lens John carried in for me. Oh well, no hockey photos.
Andy's TV
Dave & Kelley
Sunday was a day to watch football on Andy’s huge TV (the KC Chiefs were on, too bad they lost). Then to Lawrence KS to have dinner with my brother Dave and wife Kelly. I don’t see them nearly enough. They have a beautiful home and we had and enjoyable dinner together. Their son Nick joined us for a little while too. He and John talked trucks. 
Not sure what today holds. It is a rainy day so something inside. We are waiting for our mail (via UPS) to show up at Walt’s, we hope today. Our plan is to leave out tomorrow morning if the mail comes or we may have to wait until Wednesday morning. We are headed into Oklahoma with our eye on a State Park called Quartz Mountain. I found it in my research and it looks to be the kind of place we will enjoy. It is about 8-9 hours from here so we are thinking we may drive a long day and boondock at a Wal-Mart and then have a short drive to the park the next day. We will see. We have been told we aren’t true RVers until we have spent a night in a Wal-Mart lot. :)


  1. I love hockey too. We have the Pittsburgh Penguins minor league team here, and they're great to watch!

  2. Sounds like a very enjoyable time spent with family and friends!

    Bennett is a cutie pie!! =0)

    Wal-Mart boondocking is great when you are just passing through an area and need a break. We've utilized their parking lots many times.

    Glad to hear all is well!


  3. I guess after over four fulltime years on the road, I am not a true RVer. I've never spent a night in a Wal mart parking lot, and two weeks ago was my first time overnight at a truck stop...because of a breakdown. Guess I need more experience. :)

  4. Judy, that made me smile. It will be interesting, but by doing that we can get to an area we'd like to stay a little faster. :) I didn't make that up, it is just what other tell me.


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