Quartz Mountain

On the road in the Flint Hills of Kansas
We have now added Kansas and Oklahoma to our states visited in the RV. We arrived around noon at Quartz Mountain Nature Park. We are in the Scissortail campground in a long pull-through site with FHU and 50 amp and it is only $22.00 a night. We are happy campers. We have just started investigating the park. There is a short paved bike trail, only about 1.5 miles long but it is nice. Looks like there will be some great hiking opportunities too. We are going to check that out tomorrow. Besides the “Mountains”, more like big rocky hills there also is a reservoir lake which is beautiful. There are deer every where. It is deer hunting season in Oklahoma and the deer seem to know that there is no hunting in the state park so they are hanging out here with us. The ones we came across today seem unaffected by our presence.
Along the lake

It has been a hard day for John. He started today by cutting his head on the vanity door. He has a nice long cut along his forehead. Then when we were setting up he took things out of the compartment under the hitch and when I went to level the rig we found out when we hit them. It made the door not fit right so while I was taking a walk he was fixing the door. That is, after he had a little rant about how stupid we are. We are still on that learning curve for newbies and he gets a little hard on himself. Once he has his rant he settles down and is  his laid back self.
paved bike trail
Neighbor says this is a buzzard (vulture?)
One thing I forgot to mention is that while in KC we bought 2 new recliners at Nebraska Furniture Mart. We had the Euro recliners and while we liked the way they looked we could tell they wouldn’t hold up well so while we had a taker for them (Walt) we bought 2 new Lazy-boy burgundy leather recliners. They look great and are nice and comfy. 


  1. How well I remember the old Nebraska Furniture mart from our days living in Omaha/Bellevue :)

  2. Hope John's head is feeling better real soon. We live and learn!

    Travel Safe


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