Kansas City Zoo

Thursday John had a great idea to visit the Kansas City Zoo. We have been to many Zoos in the midwest but never this one. His brother said it had been 20 years since he had been there. So off to the Zoo we went. I put the long lens on my camera and was as excited as any little kid. It was a beautiful summer like day and being a weekday there were very few people there. It is a nice little zoo. We have been to better zoos, Omaha being our favorite but this was very enjoyable. So today I will just share with you a few photos from the Kansas City Zoo.


  1. We enjoy going to zoos throughout the country. I know a lot of people dislike zoos as being cruel places to house animals that is not a natural habitat. Although, that is true....I also feel that if we didn't have zoos to see and learn about the animals, how would kids know what a gorilla looked like? An aardvark? A camel? Nice pics showing us what you saw. :)

  2. Living in KC for 23 years we've seen the zoo many times. Trust me, this zoo is the best as it has ever been. When I started going in the early 80's it was a pig sty. We been to lots of zoo around the country...and Omaha does have a nice one, especially the bird section. ABQ also has a good one. Get to the San Diego zoo if you get a chance. Take your check book wide open as it is expensive. My couson lives in SD and is a Gold Member which means we get to see it free with all the amendities and rides. How nice! rock on!! rockin'

  3. Tom, I have been to the San Diego zoo a couple of times. Once just a couple years ago and as nice as it is I think the Omaha Zoo has it beat. The big attractions like the Lied Jungle, aquarium, gorilla enclosure, desert dome,penguin house, and I know hhere is one I am leaving out are all at the top of the hill so easy access and they are the best in each catatgory I have ever seen.


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