Roswell NM

We’ll give John a break today. I am amazed I got him to do 3 posts in one week.  He is a talented writer and a funny guy and I encourage him to share his talent. I don’t mind writing but I enjoy his posts so much that I’m hoping I can get him to do at least a couple  a week.

Yesterday we drove up to Roswell NM. We may have been abducted but I am not sure yet. When we were at Carlsbad Caverns it did look like another planet. Many of you know this is where an alien craft was suppose to have landed with a couple aliens that the government quickly stepped in and covered up. The UFO museum and research center is here and it lays out all the info of the time to support the theory that it was really aliens. It is all pretty interesting but I’m not sure I buy it. I don’t discount that life could exisit outside this galaxy but what I do have trouble with is how they are always portrayed. Have you noticed they always seem to have a humanoid form. I mean not that they look just like us but they always seem to have eyes, nose , mouth, arms, legs etc. Or at least some of these in some combination. I’m not sure that would be the case, we might not even recognize that it was an alien. Hmmm. I need think about this some more.
Inside the UFO Museum

John's favorite bumper stickers
We also visited the Pecos Flower Winery. Sat and did a tasting with Dale, the bartender. They only carry New Mexico wines. It is kind of hard to believe they grow grapes here but they do. He says there is an underground river that runs through southern New Mexico and they use it to irrigate the vines. Wine growing came to New Mexico with the Catholic Missionaries as they needed wine for communion. There is one monastery here that still makes wine. We bought a Cabernet that is the first born wine of the Pecos Flower winery. It was actually quite good. 
Our wine selection from Pecos Flowers

Returned home just before the weather changed. There were storm warnings last night and they predicted heavy rain, hail and high winds. We were wondering how this campsite on top of the hill would weather the storm. We did get the rain but no hail and no problems with the wind. We are really enjoying this park and I am glad we decided to stay a week. We have done a couple fun things and we have had a chance to kick back. Now I have to work on our next move.We will take off Sunday or Monday. Not sure if we will go to Deming NM or stay around Las Cruces.


  1. Carlsbad is on our list of places to see. I don't think it will be this year, though. We've seen so much this past month, but we're ready to kick back and relax. We're planning to be in Utah another week, and then we'll probably head to the desert in Nevada.

    Enjoy New Mexico!

  2. I'm still waiting to see the flamingo on a stick! :) Maybe the aliens would visit it?

  3. Enjoyed your picture of Roswell. Actually, the southern part of town is so depressed and empty looking. The real development is going north on the way to/through the Walmart area. (Where else?) But to my way of thinking, there is not much to see there in Roswell.



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