Root River Bike Trail

We may end up with two entries today. John is still working on his we will see if he gets done.
City park in Lansboro
I mentioned that Wednesday we biked on the Root River Trail. This is a Minnesota State Trail that goes from Fountain MN to Houston MN that is 42 miles long. We have ridden the trail from Fountain to Rushford at different times over the last few years and have also ridden the Harmony to Preston trail that connects into the Root River trail at mile 6. This year we started at Lanesboro which is probably the best know of the towns along the route. It is a beautiful little town that in the summer revolves around bicyclists and the trail. We parked in the Sylvan park which is their city park. This park also has a small campground with maybe 10 RV spots and lots of tent camping spaces. We did tent camp here on our first trip to the area.
Post Office in Whalen
The trail follows along the Root River and is just beautiful. I have taken many photos of this trail and this time I tried to get a few of the places we stop along the way. The first little town you come to is Whalen. It is a very quaint little village and is famous for the pie shop. We were looking forward to that pie but we had forgotten that it is only open on Thursday to Monday and guess what it was Wednesday. Oh well, it does save on the calorie count.  So we rode on to Peterson and decided to have lunch there. Not much in Peterson but they do have a little dinner “Judy’s County Kitchen”. This is definitely a home cooking kind of place and I have to say their roast beef dinner was excellent. So much for saving on the calorie count. Then it was time to head back to Lanesboro. Peterson is approximately 13.5 miles from Lanesboro so we rode about 27 miles. I think that is our longest ride this summer. We would like to get back to 40-50 mile rides but we would have to ride more than we are now.
Judy's Country Kitchen, Peterson MN

I can’t say enough about bike trails and the Rails to Trails Conservancy. Biking is great exercise and great transportation. The trails give us a safe place to ride because many motorists just don’t want to share the road and at I like a ride that I can truly enjoy without worrying about the car behind me. We have been members and contributed to the Rails to Trails Conservancy for several years. They have a site on the web to help locate trails all over the country, It has helped us find many of the trails we have ridden and I hope it helps you too.
Happy Trails..........................


  1. Looks like a great trail. We will have to put that on our TO-Do list.

    Stay Safe

  2. GREAT pictures and really nice blog. Keep up the hard work, I'll be stopping by to check you out often.

    You must be in great shape with all that biking. Maybe the dog and I should look into that next.

    I have a blog of my misadventures in my little old RV. This newfangled nomadic lifestyle is great, my puppy dog and I just love it.


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