Deming to Safford AZ

I know we didn't write much about Deming. Nice little town, good to see my aunt and cousins that I haven't seen in 15 years. They had 2 nice wineries too - St Clair and Las Lunes. Of course we had to try the local product and now after our NM visit we have lots of wine to drink - oh, how we suffer. The campground was basically a gravel parking lot with hook ups but what you do find at Escapees parks are wonderful people who are willing to share their vast knowledge on RVing, something we always value and a good price.
View from our camper door 

Marshes across from site
We left this morning for Roper lake State park in Arizona. Only a 3 hour trip and this is a great place. The campground isn't anything special but the views are outstanding. Mountains in the distance and the lake and marsh area right out our door. I've already seen a couple birds that are new to us. I'll write more on that later when I get a few more photos. For now we are just taking in the view and relaxing in our recliners.  We are certainly enjoying our new lifestyle.

Happy trails............
Our current campsite 


  1. Judy, actually they are new to me. I looked them up tonight. Just don't see them much in the midwest. Also saw a Gamble or California Quail. I've seen other quail but this was a different one for me. New places, new wildlife.

  2. thanks for the interesting information


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