Ready to move & Hockey

Today was a day to just get things done. We needed to do laundry and get a few groceries. The closest laundromat was in Altus about 16 miles away - not bad. It is big enough to have a Super Wal-Mart so we knew we could get groceries too. We had heard the little town of Blair was having a Bluegrass festival and it was on the way to Altus so thought we would check it out on the way through. It would make a fun activity. Well there was one sign that said “Bluegrass Festival”  but no sign of the festival???  Oh well so much for that and it is back to the weekly duties. 
Heron on the reservoir 
On the way into Altus we passed a Walgreens and the sign reminded me we hadn’t had our flu shots yet so in we go. I always hate this shot because it makes my arm sore but I had Influenza B once and that was enough. True influenza is hell - first you think your going to die then you just wish you would and then you finally get better, very,very, slowly. So as much as I complain about my sore arm, and John will tell you I complain plenty, it is much better than having influenza. The gal giving us our shots also gave us directions to the laundromat. 
So laundry is done and the cupboards refilled. We leave tomorrow. The plan is similar to our last move. We have decided to head towards Carlsbad NM and there really isn’t anywhere on the way we are interested in staying so we will drive tomorrow and try to stay at a Wal Mart lot and go into Calsbad on Monday. Once we get to New Mexico there are more places we are interested in investigating so I think our travel will slow down.
Quartz mountain has been a nice change of pace. We have been really lazy except for the day we hiked. It is a beautiful place and I have had fun with the camera but we are ready to move on.
Tonight I am having fun with the internet. I have 3 fellas playing hockey that I am trying to follow. So I have the audio feed of the Cedar Rapids Roughriders, they are ahead 3-1(Brady is in goal), The Rio Grand Killer Bees on Pointstreak live (Sean Muncy has had a shot on goal and a penalty) and the Minnesota Golden Gophers game on a Facebook feed (last check they are down 2-0 to UNO). Won’t know how Kevin Wehrs did until after the game ends.  Gotta keep up with my kids, even the ones I only had for a little while.

Here is a little chuckle for you. The  photo above is a bridge from the Quartz Mountain Lodge to their music center. Notice the ground beneath it.
This is the sign as you cross the bridge.  Duh!!!!!

Hockey Update: Roughriders win 4-1,  Bees are down by one, Minnesota is down by 2 but Kevin scores a goal.

Happy trails........


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